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farmer stands proudly next to his crops

Protection for Your Crops, Livestock, and Equipment

Whether you run a small humble farm or operate a large conglomerate, Incline Insurance has the policies to keep you covered. We provide the Bay Area with our smart, friendly, and efficient service. Our agents love getting to know our clients. Once we understand your company’s present and future goals and ambitions, we craft a balanced and personalized policy covering your exact needs. Please browse our expansive list and reach out to an agent to receive a free quote.

San Francisco Agriculture & Manufacturing Policies We Offer

  • Crop Insurance – Protect your crops against natural disasters and the loss of value in your product due to declining prices.
  • Flood & Earthquake Insurance – Flood and water damage can be devastating to an agriculture-related company. Protect your investments from a common occurrence in the Bay Area.
  • Damage or Theft in Transit – When you are sending or receiving product, ensure that your investments are protected.
  • Equipment Breakdown – Vital in the agriculture and manufacturing field for maintaining hardware that may need repaired or replaced.
  • Inventory Protection – With thousands of moving parts, ensure that you’re never operating below optimal production.
  • Employee Dishonesty – Cover your company in case for employee theft of both money and company properties, including equipment and developed products.
  • Key Man Insurance – Life insurance on the most important people in your business.
  • Loss of Income – Protect your company by taking out a policy that helps cover expenses to keep you afloat.
  • Commercial Auto – When you or your employees use a vehicle for business, it may not be covered without commercial auto coverage.
  • Manufacturers Errors & Omissions – Also known as E&O, these are vital to protecting your business from claims of failing to perform your promised services.

Protect What’s Important,
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